Together we will untangle the complexity of digital.

Engaging discovery & design methods help your teams to find the “True North” for their digitalisation programs & projects. In times of change, we will turn individual experts into powerful teams and support them in finding the right direction.

In your team I see my role as the Sherpa.

A Sherpa cannot climb to the top for people. A Sherpa will lift the heavy weight, plan the journey and guide the team from basecamp to basecamp. A Sherpa will share experience and expertise to make people better climbers along the way.

Recent Blog Posts

The 2019 Intranet Reloaded (Berlin) – My Gold Nuggets from Two Days with Practitioners

For the 8th consecutive year, @weCONECT’s Intranet Reloaded (#intrelEU) was the leading practitioner gathering around the future of intranets and the digital workplace. Despite the occasional “there are other ways, too, you know,” the dominance of Microsoft Office 365 in…

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