Untangling Complexity. Together.

“I help to shape impactful teams from individual experts. Strong alignment, a shared language and a clear purpose create commitment and resilience for handling complex challenges.

Within those teams, I act as a Sherpa. I empower people with know-how and skills and support them by carrying the heavy load.”

2020 has changed everything…

Empowering virtual teams

Home office and remote working are here to stay on a more substantial scale than before 2020. I help companies to establish a robust foundation for delivering excellence out of the virtual space.

For teams

  • Virtual workshop design & facilitation incl. train-the-trainer programs
  • Virtual team collaboration and new ways of working

For people manager

  • Initiation and leadership of virtual teams
  • Introduction of social norms and guidelines for effective virtual collaboration

What I bring to our journey to the summit…

Team Building

Successful projects get delivered by strong teams. I help to shape teams that work great together while still benefiting from each member’s individual strength.

Team Coaching

Handling complexity requires the right balance between the big picture and an eye for particular challenges. I help teams to create that balance and empower them to ask the right questions and take well-informed decisions.


I have over 20 years of digitalisation work with international organisations under my belt. While shaping or delivering projects and programs, I can apply this experience to increase speed or avoid roadblocks.

My Ways of Working…

Creativity and freedom for exploring new options require explicit scoping for the topic at hand. The stronger the framework, the easier it is to discover and explore options and to deliver concrete results.

Because I strongly believe in the power of participation, everything I do follows the famous quote:

Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember;
involve me and I will understand.


Workshop Design

Align. Discover. Design. Plan. Implement. For all five core stages of launching successful initiatives, I provide engaging, structured and empowering workshop designs.

Storyline Workshops. Your People, Empowered.

Strategy & Tactical Frameworks

To simplify complexity is one of my core skills. I help teams to capture, describe and document information to convey important messages to stakeholders and decision-makers and partners.

Hands-on Project Support

When the resource is scarce or time is of the essence, I help with my active contribution and take an active role in a project. However, I will make sure that this will be temporary and that I am coaching my successor in the process.

Typical deliverables are…
  • Project Charter, Work Stream Design & Planning
  • Business case for internal and external digitalisation
  • Audience surveys (design & reporting)
  • Stakeholder interviews & facilitator training
  • Discovery workshops
  • Concept design workshops
  • Management workshops for business requirements engineering
  • Requirements engineering & MVP design

The context of my work

Putting the “easy” into “complexity.”

Clients bring me in when the complexity of an initiative requires coordination across multiple dimensions. Based on my experience, I moderate between business and IT, find the appropriate tone of voice for staff, management and leadership or turn a thousand words into one picture.

All of this will never reduce the complexity of the challenge at hand, but it will make it much easier to handle it.

Projects and Programs in the Digital Arena

A lot of my work happens in the context of digitalisation. Introduced as a model to align discussions in a client’s program, the Digital Arena Model has become my favourite way to explain in which fields I work.

The attempt to create distinctly separated areas seems artificial at first. By using the model, however, I have learned that it helps people to focus their conversation. It simply prevents misunderstanding.

Digitalisation Strategy & Organisational Development

With a proven combination of Storyline Workshops and Strategy & Tactical Frameworks, I help companies to determine their best way into the digital world. Along the process, we will also determine the required organisational and process adjustment.

Because technology is only half the way on the journey to real digital change.

Industry Experience

  • Industrial Engineering (Capital, Support, Components)
  • Financial Services (Banking, Insurance)
  • Professional Services (B2B, B2C)
  • Consulting Firms (Management, IT)
  • Research & Science (NGO)
Interested? Then let’s take off together.