I help people on their digital journey.

As a business coach and consultant I help teams to find the “True North” for their digitalisation programs & projects. I work with structured discovery and design methods, engaging and fun workshops and add my cross-industry experience in internal and external digitalisation along the way.

In client teams I see my role as the “Sherpa”, because a Sherpa cannot climb to the top for people. A Sherpa will lift the heavy weight, plan the journey and guide the team from basecamp to basecamp. A Sherpa will share experience and expertise to make people better climbers along the way.

Recent Blog Posts

Why “agile” doesn’t mean to wittingly cut corners… (Guest article for Simply Communicate, London)

I’ve worked in and for big organisations and I’ve witnessed the attempt to introduce less hierarchical and more “agile” organisations and ways of working. While it had worked in some places and projects, in a lot of instances the approach…

Some thoughts on dialogue in the context of leading change in digital transformation

Summary: Dialogue and exchange are very common catch phrases used in today’s world of change and digital transformation. With the raise of social technologies in intra-company communications, dialogue and exchange became key drivers and motivators for introducing and motivating adoption of…

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