What I’ve done for clients so far

Over the past years, I had the privilege to be part of some fantastic customer teams and digitalisation projects. To give a taste of what I usually do and the role I play, you’ll find a list of work examples below.

Since my past work happened mainly in the name of corporations, I cannot display company or people names on my website. You can find some quotes/statements on my LinkedIn profile, though.


If you are interested in personal references, please get in touch with me. I am happy to connect you with the right person.

You’ll find the contact form here or you can reach me on Twitter (@_PRosenthal) or LinkedIn.

ProjectsMandate/RoleIndustry (Cases)
Digital Workplace (DWP) Pre-Study & Business CaseDesign & execution of the discovery phase and coaching of the project team to deliver a business relevant approachInsurance
Financial Services
Industrial Engineering (3)
DWP Scope & StrategyAdviser to the IT and executive management / Alignment between business & IT functions / Team coaching, program design, MVP evaluation & cloud based concept designBusiness Consulting
Financial Services
Industrial Engineering (2)
DWP Program & Roadmap DesignDiscovery, scoping, conceptual design for the starting point of a Digital Workplace transformation / Business coach to core team / Implementation of new program frameworkInsurance (1)
Finance (1)
Professional Services
Industrial Engineering (2)
Digitalisation StrategyExecutive team coaching to determine and plan the roadmap for a digitalisation programIndustrial Engineering (2)
B2B Customer PortalCoach and adviser to project lead & team in the process of forming and implementing the initiativeIndustrial Engineering
Sales Digitalisation ProgramCoach and adviser to global digitalisation lead and the project teams to define, design and implement the connected initiatives Industrial Engineering
Digital Communication Strategy & FrameworkAdviser to the regional CMO, Business case design, Internationalisation of a digital program & digital communications strategyHealthcare
Legal Collaboration PlatformBusiness coach for core team and extended stakeholder group to facilitate requirements engineering, process design & agile solution developmentProfessional Services

Hands-on Deliverables

I enjoy getting involved in the delivery of concrete work packages. As part of the mandates above, or as a contributor to other projects, I’ve worked on the following:

  • Project framework development (Charter incl. Work Stream Design & Planning)
  • Digital communications strategy
  • Business cases for internal and external digitalisation
  • Global audience surveys (design & reporting)
  • Stakeholder interviews & facilitation training
  • Discovery workshops (up to 15 participants)
  • Concept design workshops (x-functional, iterative format)
  • Management workshops for business requirements engineering
  • Requirements engineering & MVP management