CampSherpa – Your People. Empowered.

I’ve toyed with the idea for quite a while: build impactful change and transformation teams with a combination of training and design thinking workshops. That’s why I am now launching CampSherpa. It’s the next evolution of my work with client teams and entirely focussed on the transformation from the inside. The goal: Empowered change teams.Continue reading “CampSherpa – Your People. Empowered.”

Sharing: my framework for agile digitalisation & organisational development. Please challenge it!

I’ve decided to put it in writing and out in the open: my personal checklist for digitalisation projects and programs. I am doing this for three reasons: to share my experience to seek your feedback to establish new relationships I believe in sharing experience In almost two decades in various industries and types of business,Continue reading “Sharing: my framework for agile digitalisation & organisational development. Please challenge it!”

My 1st product: The Onboarding Design BootCamp

Click here for the product page…   You never get a second change to make a first impression Optimising the onboarding experience is probably the most people centric challenge in a company. For this I can combine my passion for guiding others with my experience as a corporate employee, digital communicator and business coach. HavingContinue reading “My 1st product: The Onboarding Design BootCamp”

The Power of Purpose and the Balance of Goal, Value & Leadership

Intro: Two colleagues of mine started working on a model for the “power of purpose”. Purpose is one of the key subjects at the moment when it comes to change, leadership & management. One of the most famous talkers about the power of purpose might be Simon Sinek. You can see his TED Talk here.Continue reading “The Power of Purpose and the Balance of Goal, Value & Leadership”

Biggest #Mistake #Leaders Can Make (HavardBusiness on #youtube)

Simply have to share this holding a thought leader role…"just think about yourself" and "not being authentic", couldn't agree more. Would you want to be led by a self centric and obviously just "acting" person? A nice twist to the subtitle "acting" under senior leadership titles (MD..acting) haha