My thoughts on boxes, construction sets & custom solutions.

Summary: As part of my work in the field of the Digital Workplace I get asked one question a lot (even though I am not really a technology expert): “It’s 2016. Can’t we just buy this as a box somewhere?”. My answer to that is always: “Depending on how flexible you are as an organisation andContinue reading “My thoughts on boxes, construction sets & custom solutions.”

Driving #ChangeManagement; thoughts on #McKinsey #change platform article #socbiz #e20 #enterprise20

With a lot of interest I’ve read Gary Hamel’s and Michele Zanini’s article on change published on in October 2015 ( As part of their recommendation to establish a change platform instead of a change program they suggest to replace the old paradigms of change Change starts at the top Change is rolled out Change is engineered with aContinue reading “Driving #ChangeManagement; thoughts on #McKinsey #change platform article #socbiz #e20 #enterprise20”

my reflection on the latest McK Global Institute Report on #socialeconomy #socialbusiness #socbiz #enterprise20 #e20

Preamble: The McKinsey Global Institute has just recently published “The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies” [1]. This is my personal interpretation of some of their reported results. All exhibits are taken from the report without changes and with reference to the original source within the report. All other excerpts of theContinue reading “my reflection on the latest McK Global Institute Report on #socialeconomy #socialbusiness #socbiz #enterprise20 #e20”

“Jetzt seid doch mal sozial!” German essay on #enterprise20 #socialbusiness #e20

Ein Essay über den Einsatz von Social Business Software am Arbeitsplatz und die radikale Veränderung von Wissens- und Informationsarbeit. Da ist noch was drin! Enterprise 2.0 (aka Social Business) beschreibt den Einsatz von Software am Arbeitsplatz, die ihren Ursprung in der eher kommerziellen IT hat. Bereits 2009 hat Andrew McAfee mit seinem Buch “New CollaborativeContinue reading ““Jetzt seid doch mal sozial!” German essay on #enterprise20 #socialbusiness #e20″

deliberately provocative: #socialsoftware is temporary & won’t replace #email or #intranets :) @IntranetMatters #e20 #socbiz #socialbusiness

Summary: This article is my reaction to the vast amount of reports and papers on the selection of social software. I have decided to formulate this article in a provocative way, hoping for feedback and other perspectives. So: I don’t believe that social software will replace e-mail or intranets and I consider a stand aloneContinue reading “deliberately provocative: #socialsoftware is temporary & won’t replace #email or #intranets 🙂 @IntranetMatters #e20 #socbiz #socialbusiness”

7+ reasons why #GooglePlus will kill office and #socialsoftware in #sme #b2b mid term #socbiz #e20 #enterprise20

This year Santa decided to spoil Christmas for social business vendors and put a new player under the tree: Google+ (uhuu…surprise, innit!?) As reported by ( Google is adding a new perspective to its (whoever you’re asking) slowly or steeply growing (not meant to be a) social platform. Just recently Google Germany’s Country ManagerContinue reading “7+ reasons why #GooglePlus will kill office and #socialsoftware in #sme #b2b mid term #socbiz #e20 #enterprise20”

#ROI of going #enterprise20; quantification obsession is a killer; pls discuss #e20

Today I am posting out of frustration 🙂 I've heard of a company that seems to be interested in approaching the enterprise 2.0 way of working. However, their first decision point is to calculate a business case (in this case an excel file) for the return on investment of the approach. Of course there isContinue reading “#ROI of going #enterprise20; quantification obsession is a killer; pls discuss #e20”

#Salesforce to Lure #Enterprise into #Social Collaboration (via

I seriously doubt that salesforce, Yammer or will be the winners in the enterprise 2.0 battle. Simply because it isn't a platform thing. Yes, viral effects will create a visible and reportable user volume. It will be a matter 'owning the figures means owning the success' because the actual effect on communincation efficiency, productivityContinue reading “#Salesforce to Lure #Enterprise into #Social Collaboration (via”

Why #Businesses Implement #SocialSoftware; via Michael Fauscette

I actually like the fact that the survey is reflecting on goals that converge between the internal and externa add value of using social software. I truly believe that you have to run your organisation in an enterprise 2.0 style (at least partly) in order enable an authentic social media adoption towards outside parties (eitherContinue reading “Why #Businesses Implement #SocialSoftware; via Michael Fauscette”