#Salesforce to Lure #Enterprise into #Social Collaboration (via mashable.com)

I seriously doubt that salesforce, Yammer or socialcast.com will be the winners in the enterprise 2.0 battle. Simply because it isn't a platform thing. Yes, viral effects will create a visible and reportable user volume. It will be a matter 'owning the figures means owning the success' because the actual effect on communincation efficiency, productivityContinue reading “#Salesforce to Lure #Enterprise into #Social Collaboration (via mashable.com)”

Why #Businesses Implement #SocialSoftware; via Michael Fauscette

I actually like the fact that the survey is reflecting on goals that converge between the internal and externa add value of using social software. I truly believe that you have to run your organisation in an enterprise 2.0 style (at least partly) in order enable an authentic social media adoption towards outside parties (eitherContinue reading “Why #Businesses Implement #SocialSoftware; via Michael Fauscette”

#foursquare and #facebook #places could be a nice inspiration for #enterprise20 style networking for #worknomads

ever though about checking into the office if your an office nomad or travelling a lot to corporate offices? if you want to know how this could contribute to your business: pop me a mail 😉