How remote work and home office affect management and leadership.

I am writing this new essay while the Covid-19 pandemic keeps changing the paradigms of work and social life. Companies like SIEMENS and Novartis (besides all the large digital players) publicly speak about their ambition to make home office and remote work the norm. Over a decade, I have helped similar companies in their internalContinue reading “How remote work and home office affect management and leadership.”

Home office. That’s not what we had in mind.

What you learn when the desire for freedom suddenly becomes a reality. An essay from May 2020. Comment: I’ve been invited by AvePoint Germany to write this essay and host a little webinar. The essay was originally published in German on the AvePoint Website and the sign-up for the Webinar (July 8th 2020) can beContinue reading “Home office. That’s not what we had in mind.”

Why ’digital empowerment of people’ still is a paradox in today’s world

“We primarily work in analogue ways, using digital tools,” is what a client just recently told me. It was part of the reflection on the current situation and the question of why things haven’t gotten better with the availability of new ’tools’. In another mandate, I could observe how people struggled with the adoption ofContinue reading “Why ’digital empowerment of people’ still is a paradox in today’s world”

How Leadership Drives Change. Concretely.

This week, I spent a lot of time with a group of sales leaders for a large industrial manufacturing firm. In the context of a large digitalisation initiative we discussed the role and specific tasks for leaders to drive and motivate sustainable change.  In this post I want to share the essence of the discussionContinue reading “How Leadership Drives Change. Concretely.”