are #coworking spaces corporations without #hierarchy? thoughts inspired by a conversation #socbiz #socialbusiness #enterprise20

I’ve spent the last to days at Orgatec, the worldwide leading office furniture and concept trade fair in Cologne. I am working on a summary of my thoughts at the moment but a particular conversation inspired me to capture my thoughts separately. I had a chat with the co-founder of a co-working space in Cologne.Continue reading “are #coworking spaces corporations without #hierarchy? thoughts inspired by a conversation #socbiz #socialbusiness #enterprise20”

a #fluid-organization is powered by networks; #hierarchy = ice; #socbiz #e20 #enterprise20

Today I was inspired by a good friend of mine who works as communication coach and trainer. We were elaborating on the inability of large and decentralized organizations to really resonate on reality and detail when it comes business planning and steering. The larger a company gets and the ‘higher up’ a manager sits withinContinue reading “a #fluid-organization is powered by networks; #hierarchy = ice; #socbiz #e20 #enterprise20”

Leadership for a new generation (

As a contributing author I take myself the freedom to advertise the NoFear Community on leadership for a new generation of talent and high performers 🙂 I truly believe (and experience already) that the future generations (Digital Natives, Digital Cowboys or Millenials) expect a new way of being led (rather than managed). It’s definitely worth toContinue reading “Leadership for a new generation (”

#leadership for the upcoming generation of employees #nofearbook

The No Fear Community (and will be a book) is supposed to support experience exchange amongst business professionals, managers and executives with regards to leadership practice and the change happening therein due to the shift in a lot of the employee's mindset. The question 'what's in for me' seems to become more and more eminent.Continue reading “#leadership for the upcoming generation of employees #nofearbook”

Biggest #Mistake #Leaders Can Make (HavardBusiness on #youtube)

Simply have to share this holding a thought leader role…"just think about yourself" and "not being authentic", couldn't agree more. Would you want to be led by a self centric and obviously just "acting" person? A nice twist to the subtitle "acting" under senior leadership titles (MD..acting) haha