Let’s build your story with Storyline Workshops!

I am really passionate about designing and facilitating workshops. Now they finally have a name: Your People, Empowered. Storyline Workshops® are all about engagement, experience and impact. They follow a clear purpose, deliver tangible results and make participants feel that they are part of the solution. You should think about using a Storyline Workshop ifContinue reading “Let’s build your story with Storyline Workshops!”

LEGO SeriousPlay; my first impression of the method #training #coaching #facilitation #workshop

Over the past two days I’ve participated in the foundations training for LEGO SeriousPlay™  facilitation techniques. I am constantly searching for new ways of designing workshop formats that help people to describe challenges, explain obstacles and sketch options. For the past years I’ve been working with creativity and coaching techniques, supported/structured brainstormings and prototyping. IContinue reading “LEGO SeriousPlay; my first impression of the method #training #coaching #facilitation #workshop”