Rethinking “Competition” – The Share of Voice Disruption

This article is inspired by a recent conversation with a leadership member of an insurance company. We talked about Digital Transformation and the challenges deriving from new business models and industrial disruption. He had one angle on the subject that kind of dumbstruck me and I felt silly to have never thought about it myself: the disruption through the inability to reach out to potential target groups in the attempt to get to the first A in AIDA: attention. Here's my reflection on the conversation to share it with you.

From “relevance” to the KPIs that measure communication quality & impact

Summary: In the long run the concept of "relevance" will undoubtedly replace the attempt to provide intranets that users can customise or personalise. Relevance targeting is driven by purposeful communications and clear objectives on the sender’s side. Evaluating the actual…

lack of #certainty and #clarity will prevent #change in #communication behavior; #socbiz #enterprise20 #e20

Summary: This article is about the level certainty user of alternative communication channels need. The sender has to be sure that the message reaches the right recipients. Potential recipients have to be sure that they won't miss out on important…

#peoplecentric #communication by #michaelfauscette (via

My take on the following articleCommunication has become one of the major challenges in larger organisations. Unfortunately e-mail definitely has turned into an inefficient 'thing‘ that is probably causing more work, confusion and in the end frustration than it adds…

#avaya #flareexperience – kind of iPhone on steroids…but pretty cool :) now integrate it into a physical future work place (like you'll find it in the vitra citizen office in Weil am Rhein - a MUST see!!!!) you're pretty close to the actual future of work 🙂

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