My digest of the 2016 Social Business Collaboration (Berlin)

Summary: This year’s SBC was primarily about change. Once in a while you actually got the feeling of being at a Human Resources conference. But as fairy dust there were a couple of presentations that stood out because they provided…

My “Moment(s) of Truth” from the Social Business Collaboration 2016 (Berlin)

For the ones interested here are my slides from today's gig at one of Europe's leading conferences around collaboration & the Digital Workplace:

Social Business Collaboration 2015 (Berlin): the summary of my World Café Session on “Stakeholder Management”.

Summary: Berlin, October 1st and 2nd 2015. The European practitioners for modern intranets, social business collaboration and the Digital Workplace gathered in Berlin to exchange on their experience and share insight & learning. As part of the conference I had…

Have you ever thought about what #collaboration actually means to your organisation? #socbiz #enterprise20 #e20 #digitalworkplace

The subject of collaboration is present in all organisations. This article is about asking the question "what does collaboration mean to us?" before kicking of an initiative.

Part 1/3: my reflection on @Orgatec 2012 and #futurebizz in three parts #futureofwork #socbiz #socialbusiness #enterprise20 #coworking

Summary: I've spent 2 days at Orgatec (Cologne), the leading trade show for office concepts and office furniture. The reason for that was the engagement of Tieto in the future_bizz initiative. I have decided to share my impressions of the…

#mckinsey on #information #overload and recovering #productivity; my take in #enterprise20 context

McKinsey has just published a very interesting article on the impact of multitasking and always-on on executive's productivity and focus ( in their Quarterly (awesome source!!). For me this phenomenon does not only apply to executives that get distracted from…

#Salesforce to Lure #Enterprise into #Social Collaboration (via

I seriously doubt that salesforce, Yammer or will be the winners in the enterprise 2.0 battle. Simply because it isn't a platform thing. Yes, viral effects will create a visible and reportable user volume. It will be a matter…

#yammer #enterprise20 services; pretty awesome if you’re able to run your business ops out of the #cloud (similar to

check out and the services around it; reminds me of (or the other way around) but is definitely an indicator in which direction communication and collaboration are moving!!

#avaya #flareexperience – kind of iPhone on steroids…but pretty cool :) now integrate it into a physical future work place (like you'll find it in the vitra citizen office in Weil am Rhein - a MUST see!!!!) you're pretty close to the actual future of work 🙂

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