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7 Fantastic Free #SocialMedia Tools for #Teachers In case you were wondering if future employees will be influenced by social media... A very interesting perspective on what the future work force will benchmark against today's ways of collaboration, communication and learning. -- via Feedler on iPad  

Smartphone Buyers Choose #Android Over #iPhone To be honest: even though I have fruit all over my devices I am not surprised. Apple has not been able to add anything substantial after changing the mobile field forever... It's a bit like acquiring Overture and then…

#yammer #enterprise20 services; pretty awesome if you’re able to run your business ops out of the #cloud (similar to

check out and the services around it; reminds me of (or the other way around) but is definitely an indicator in which direction communication and collaboration are moving!!

are you an #evangelist for a product or service offering – get in touch with me for #knowhowexchange

I am really interested how others perceive their role and the way they contribute to corporate success and sales performance!

#avaya #flareexperience – kind of iPhone on steroids…but pretty cool :) now integrate it into a physical future work place (like you'll find it in the vitra citizen office in Weil am Rhein - a MUST see!!!!) you're pretty close to the actual future of work 🙂

#foursquare and #facebook #places could be a nice inspiration for #enterprise20 style networking for #worknomads

ever though about checking into the office if your an office nomad or travelling a lot to corporate offices? if you want to know how this could contribute to your business: pop me a mail 😉

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