Most of my publishing happens via my blog. Once in a while I have the opportunity to share my thinking through other channels as well. Here’s a little selection of recent publications…


And here’s some of my older work…

As part of my work at Infocentric I’ve published the 2014 Digital Workplace Gold Dust as the lead author. If you’re interested you can get in touch with me to retrieve a copy.

Digital Workplace Gold Dust

Over the past years I’ve contributed to a few publications – some contributions smaller, some more extensive. Here’s a selection of my statements/articles:




Social Business – Quo vadis Wissensarbeit? (in: Wissensmanagement, 2013)
Büro für Medien (Oliver Lehnert e.K.)


Die Zukunft von Informations- & Wissensarbeit (Das neue Arbeiten, Microsoft 2011)


Enterprise 2.0 muss mehr sein als nur Konversation und Vernetzung (in HR Performance, 2012)
Verlagsgruppe Hüthig Jehle Rehm GmbH – DATAKONTEXT – Fachinformationsdienstleister für Personalarbeit, Entgeltabrechnung und Datenschutz


Globalization of Professional Services: Innovative Strategies, Successful Processes, Inspired Talent Management, and First-Hand Experiences (Springer, 2012) / Contributing author; check out a preview of my contribution in the LOOK INSIDE function (go to Table of Contents…)


Jahrbuch Marketing 2013 (Kömedia, 2012) / Article on enterprise 2.0 “Social Media fängt innen an.” (German); co-written with Stephan Schillerwein of Infocentric Research AG, Baden (CH)


Social Business für das Unternehmen (LEAD digital, 2012)

Die Wichtigkeit der Serviceorganisation (TeleTalk, 2009)

Neue Paradigmen des Kundenmanagements (manageIT, 2009)

Die Revolution im Netz (Wirtschaftswoche online, 2010)

Future Office – der digitale Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft (manageIT, 2010)

Der digitale Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft (Computerwoche, 2010)

Teilen, teilnehmen, zusammenarbeiten (Absatzwirtschaft, 2010)

Enterprise 2.0 ( Newsletter, 2010)

Leadership in the age of “Digital Cowboys”

The new generation of talent and high performers is requesting a new way of leadership and management. Based on his personal experience Pekka Viljakainen has published this book on the new leadership together with Mark Mueller-Eberstein and has invited contributors from around the globe to add their point of view – amongst them Bill Fisher (Professor of Technology Management, IMD), Birger Steen (CEO of Parallels) and Alex Lin (CEO & founder of From the eyes of a digital cowboy (yes, that’s what I am) I had the honor to add my point of view on the subject. Visit the online community at for even more contributions, videos and the digital footprint of the initiative.

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