What I bring to the table…

It’s all the things people love about my workshop designs but delivered as a full virtual experience. Virtual StorylineWorkshops aren’t just a virtualized version of the usual design. They factor in crucial elements of successful group dynamics and provide a setting in which people will feel comfortable, engaged and motivated.

  • Clarity on the overall mission and break-out group work
  • A structured and informal exchange between the participants
  • Comprehensive documentation of group work and essential findings
  • Strong and tangible anchors for follow-up work

Plus: since it’s not something magical, my offering to train your people to become workshop designers still stands. I will help with all the insight and expertise your future designers and facilitators need, including the technical set-up for powerful virtual formats.

My work helps to empower people to achieve challenging objectives in a complex business world. Markets, technology and competition always move on, and analysts and industry experts don’t get tired of introducing the new trends and “next big things”. I help companies and people to find their place and the right use of digital. By changing perspectives and assisting teams in asking themselves the right questions, I decrease the feeling of always being chased on various levels.

People Empowerment

I work with people in the early stages of a process, accompany them along the way and make sure that they get the right tools to support discovery and creative solution development.

Team Building

Successful initiatives are usually driven by strong teams. I help to form and align core teams from business and IT and connect them with success critical stakeholders and contributors.

Developing a common purpose, a clear mandate and shared identity are three cornerstones of my work in this area.

Team Coaching

Whenever I help to form a team or initiate a new activity, I try to make sure that it’s self-sufficient. I don’t believe in the dependency on constant consultancy.

The more complex the initiative is, however, the more valuable it might be to have some sort of “calibration” from the outside from time to time.

Team building and coaching always uses workshops as part of the process. Some small, some big, they help to facilitate thinking, give everyone a voice and tackle complexity in the right way.

A while ago, I had decided to give my workshops their own “brand” and started to call them StorylineWorkshops. It describes what makes them so effective: a coherent journey that connects the dots like an engaging and “don’t want to put it down” novel.

Business Empowerment

Depending on the overall goals and KPIs, the teams I support drive initiatives that eventually boil down to two main target areas:

  • Operational efficiency, to improve collaboration, convenience and a positive attitude at the workplace.
  • Operational effectiveness, to enable the organisation to use existing human and financial resources for growth at constant or even decreasing cost.

To achieve results in those two target areas, I am mainly involved in the following work:

Digital Business Strategy

The digital arena has various playing fields. Based on a model that I’ve created, I help clients to investigate their focus areas, decide on a winning team and establish the right strategy to achieve the set objectives.

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Business Process Digitalisation

A corporate digital strategy always has to be broken down to the operational level. I help business functions to find their shared digital foundation and to address process or region-specific needs. Throughout the entire process, I make sure that people and change as the ultimate success factor don’t get lost along the way.

Communication & Collaboration

Communication and collaboration are at the core of business empowerment. It will be a while until AI and other automation technologies can replace the human to develop creative solutions to complex challenges. In the meantime, we need to make sure that people are in a position to deliver their full potential.