What I bring to the table…

My work focuses on four main building blocks. Most of the time, all of them are somehow connected. Workshops usually act as a starting point or help people to stay aligned along the way. Out of those workshops, we usually extract the content or reference material that we need for the journey ahead.


Successful initiatives usually come from strong teams. I help to form and align core teams from business and IT and connect them with success critical stakeholders and contributors. Developing a common purpose, a clear mandate and shared identity are three cornerstones of my work in this area.

Program &
Project Design

If projects or programs exceed a certain level of complexity or time frame, it’s paramount for their success to have clarity. People involved and affected by an initiative itself or its output need to understand the big picture as well as the concrete individual role or impact.


Whenever I help to form a team or initiate a new activity, I try to make sure that it’s self-sufficient. I don’t believe in the dependency on constant consultancy. The more complex the initiative is, however, the more valuable it might be to have some sort of “calibration” from the outside from time to time.

Team building, project design and coaching always use workshops as part of the process. Some small, some big, they help to facilitate thinking, give everyone a voice and tackle complexity in the right way. A while ago, I had decided to give my workshops their own “brand” and started to call them StorylineWorkshops. It describes what makes them so effective: a coherent journey that connects the dots like an engaging and “don’t want to put it down” novel.