Team Coaching

One thing I have definitely learned along my way is to ask the right questions. Knowing the questions and how to ask them is key to guiding individuals and teams towards a solution that fits with them, not some general framework or standard. I believe that most of my clients will confirm that I am not shying away from the really, really difficult questions either.

Coaching is a very personal thing…

Therefore I would recommend that we get in touch, if you’re interested in how I can help you, your team or your organisation through digital transformation and organisational change.

Some key principals for my approach to coaching:

  • I will make sure that everyone gets a voice in a way that she/he feels comfortable with.
  • My main objective is to really understand what’s going on. I use methods of “active listening” to make sure that I’ve understood what people have meant.
  • My environments are safe environments. No matter how “common sense” or “factual” information might seem, it will only leave the room or group if everyone has agreed to it.
  • I do not mix coaching with consulting. In coaching mode my point of view, opinion or subject matter expertise are not relevant.