Taking well informed decisions is key in a fast moving world.

Offering in brief

The Sherpa Book Club is a facilitated journey to introduce knowledge and insight from external sources to the own organisation. People aren’t left alone with processing and interpreting the content. Together they will form a commonly agreed and understood foundation for the work ahead.

With a specific challenge at hand we will research and identify relevant sources of input, insight and inspiration. We will study the material, discuss and digest it together (the Book Club Experience) and extract the insight that is relevant to solving the challenge.

Throughout the journey, the identified material will become the joint reference point for the team and the entire organisation (the Reader’s Digest).

Offering modules

  • The Joint Agreement on the Mission ahead delivers the common denominator and provides structure to team and work
  • The Individual Research & Reading module facilitates self study and preparation of the joint discussion in order to focus on substance and not “high level assumption”
  • The Book Club Experience is a moderated and structured format to capture each participant’s individual perception of the content and its meaning as well as forming of a common interpretation
  • The Reader’s Digest is the report that delivers the outcome of the entire process to everyone interested in the connected organisation


Why I believe the offering is relevant

Inspiration can come from people, articles, blog posts, podcasts, books etc.. Today’s access to information is as much of an opportunity as it is a challenge. Everything seems to be at the fingertips, but one can never be sure to have covered all the relevant ground while trying to find the right sources.

A structured process and a distributed responsibility for gathering input can help out of this dead lock. Furthermore, the sources aren’t just identified but the content is jointly digested and connected to the team’s own situation or challenge. It thereby becomes common knowledge and value and not just exclusive input to a few with the mandate to “seek inspiration and identify trends”.

Inspiration for this offering comes from…

First and foremost: quite some time ago, my wife and began to listen to the same podcasts or read the same books, to then discuss our take on the content. This process has lead to hours of debate and an enrichment of personal insight and better understanding for each other.

Secondly, I’ve participated and facilitated various people/talent development programs. A key element of those programs was always the “material to read and understand”, which then became the common denominator for discussion and work. On more than one occasion some of that material has become a key piece of my personal treasure chest of knowledge.

I want to introduce this process to teams and companies to give “research” a new twist and a bigger footprint in today’s fast moving world.