Alignment of People

I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that the key success factor to any initiative is alignment. This might sound like common sense but still is one of the main weak points I come across in almost any mandate. I help companies and teams to overcome this and move forward towards a shared “true North”.

What I do

Alignment of project teams and (re)calibration of programs, projects or initiatives. Key deliverables of my work with the team are usually

  • Project Charter & Specification
  • Scoping with initial release plan and roadmap
  • Risk & dependency register
  • Project plan with sourcing and budget proposal

Development of a strategic reference point (aka business case) in the existing organisation and business logic. This work is usually conducted with the executive/sponsor group and the project core team. Deliverables can be

  • Strategic anchor points for the program (the WHY)
  • Vision/Mission for the program
  • Concrete business cases for change (not the ROI excel sheet)
  • Foundation for change implementation and management
  • Stakeholder & corporate audience messaging

How I do it

80% of this is delivered via coaching. Simply because the purpose for change has to come from within and the key players of a change process have to find the motivation and drivers for change in their own environment. Common methodologies are

  • Engaging discovery workshops
  • Stakeholder interviews and storytelling driven reports (not PowerPoint or Excel)
  • Business design & planning workshops that allow groups to get on the same page for complex challenges

Some of the methods I use might be called Design Thinking, some come from NLP, some from systemic coaching. I try to stay away from all those buzz words and just promise three key deliverables:

  1. Tangible results that can be turned into actions.
  2. Aligned participants that work as a strong coalition.
  3. Fun along the process.