In a nutshell:

I help individuals, teams and companies to decide on how to approach internal or external digitalisation.


Usually my role is deeply embedded in the client organisation and I work as part of a client team on-site or wherever the job takes me. The following illustrations shows where I can add my value along the way:


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Some expectations management…

Firstly, I am not a User Experience or Digital Service Designer but I enjoy working with them. UX & Service Design have been part of most of my corporate jobs or consulting mandates – even a key success factor in most of them. So I’ve learned to appreciate their relevance and make sure that neither business nor IT get too lost in their own world.

Secondly, I am not a technical solution designer, developer or architect. After 10 years in very IT driven environments I sometimes get ahead of myself and start drawing stuff on flip charts. If you see me sketching up data base icons or data flow charts, make sure to take the pen away from me… What I am really good at though, is to build bridges and translate between business and IT stakeholders.

Distinct offering & services

There is always more than one way to skin a cat. I always prefer to talk about what’s needed and find the approach that suits people and organisation. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more or get a better feeling for me and the way I collaborate with my clients.

In general I can help you in the following areas:

Alignment of People

I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that the key success factor to any initiative is alignment. This might sound like common sense but still is one of the main weak points I come across in almost any mandate. I help companies and teams to overcome this and move forward towards a shared “true North”. What … Continue reading Alignment of People

Engaging Workshops

One of my biggest passions is guiding small or large groups through well designed and planned workshops. With a clear objective, a thought through plan and engaging methods I’ve been able to tackle almost any challenge and have people really enjoy the ride at the same time. Depending on the complexity of the subject workshops … Continue reading Engaging Workshops

Team Coaching

One thing I have definitely learned along my way is to ask the right questions. Knowing the questions and how to ask them is key to guiding individuals and teams towards a solution that fits with them, not some general framework or standard. I believe that most of my clients will confirm that I am … Continue reading Team Coaching