Sources of inspiration

A lot of my thinking around and approach towards the digital economy is inspired by podcasts, books & great people I am allowed to work with. I want to share some of my sources with you, encourage you to “change perspective” and see the things you seem to know from a different angle.

Podcasts from “Inside Intercom”

170x170bbInside Intercom is the blog from customer engagement provider Intercom. The team frequently publishes podcasts from sessions with key players in the digital industry. A lot of focus is on “products” and how to pave the way for customer and eventually economical success. No matter if you’re dealing with inside or outside facing digitalisation, there will be something in for you, if you lean back, close your eyes and listen carefully.

Start with this one…it’s really worth it.

The TED Radio Hour (by NPR)

ted_sq-3426270a541795b78233a698dd7965d407545cf3-s300-c85I’ve been a fan of TED talks for a long time. The TED Radio Hour is a really nice format that aggregates great talks around specific subjects and presents them in 35 to 50 min formats. Interviews with the speakers complement extracts from the talks and provide even more insight into some of the speaker’s stories. The TED Radio Hour helps me to broaden my view and find references to sources, people or topics that I would have never come across otherwise.

How I Built This (by NPR)

NPR_How_I_Built_This_cover_artHosted by the same guy as the TED Radio Hour the “How I built this” series consists of entrepreneurs from various industries and their stories on how they have build and scaled their business. For me the podcasts are a motivator for passion, persistence and trust in the own abilities. Who thinks that today’s big names came from spontaneous venture capital rains to a random garage idea is completely mistaken. “How I built this” gives great insight into the iteration of business models and ideas before they actually become a thing – and sometimes into the one tiny differentiator that re-invented an entire industry.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen R. Covey)

a106bc4f-d1f4-46b4-8d99-172406f7f70fOne of the rare business books that I’ve read more than once. I live and work by the seven habits for over 7 years now and they haven’t failed me once. Each habit by itself is common sense and nothing ground breaking. Making sure to take all seven into account every single day and in every situation – no matter how difficult or “unfair” – is a complete different ball game. But it’s totally worth it…

Order your copy on amazon or have a look into the intro to the concept on Wikipedia.

The Concept of “Dynamic Robustness” and “High Performers”

imageI was introduced to the concept through a talk by Dr. Gerhard Wohland and have been fascinated by the idea from the start. Recently one of my clients introduced me to another “evangelist” for the concept: Nils Pflaeging. His book on “Organising for Complexity” is an easy read and provides interesting and important angles on why a lot of organisations and team fall short today. I’ve actually started using some of his models to help my clients to look at their challenges and in particular the root cause of their situation differently.

The Concept of “Strategic Selling” and the “Resonating Value Proposition” (trained by Gopal Rajguru)

Gopal from Innovate+Grow was the trainer at one of the personal development programs I’ve undergone in my time in the IT industry. Frankly: the program and the way the content was introduced was mind boggling. Besides a different approach to “selling” (yes, I do have to sell sometimes…) services or products the framework works really nicely in internal change & stakeholder management. If you ever get the chance to hire a sales strategy or consulting trainer/coach, I can highly recommend him.

Simon Sinek: Start with “Why”

Yes, I’ve seen the video. Yes, I did some follow-up reading. Yes, I’ve tried it more than one context. Yes, it really works…and I really, really like it. If you haven’t seen the video (which I can hardly believe), here you go:

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