Leading people to the summit in the new normal.

Guidance and alignment for virtual and hybrid teams.

The fundamentals of organisational management and leadership will still exist in a more virtualised world.

Large companies will stay distributed across the globe. Line management for people supports personal development and individual alignment with the big picture. Corporate culture still needs nudges and nurturing by mandated and followed leaders.

Often, however, organisations have applied “old means” and methods for leading and managing global teams. Now is the right time to ask ourselves:

  • What are the values we need to manage by to deliver the same or even better results through hybrid teams?
  • What are the effective bonds we want to establish within virtual teams in the same city?
  • What keeps us together and creates the “us”, if it’s not the physical space we share?

Leading the new normal goes beyond corporate culture and socialising. We are looking at a new challenge for alignment and “being on the same page”.

Answering the following question will be a strong starting point for the journey:

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