Inspiration & Talks

If you’re looking for a speaker for conferences, events or C-suite inspiration I am more than happy to support you in that endeavour. I gained my experience from years of on-stage experience as subject spokes person or conference presenter and countless meetings with employees, operations managers, executives and fellow enterprise 2.0 strategists.

Over the past years I have been the chairman at various conferences and am currently chairman of the advisory board for the Reloaded conference series hosted by WE.CONECT, Berlin.weconect

What you can expect in talks from me:

  • Technology agnostic inspiration on social business and enterprise 2.0
  • Inspiration on the convergence of social/commercial internet services and business IT
  • Mobility in information and knowledge work
  • Leadership and management for networked organizations

If you’re looking for press material (boiler plate, pictures) it can be found here.

Got a few minutes? Watch my 2015 gig at the IntraNET Reloaded in Berlin:

Interested in my voice? Here’s a short interview with Christine McLeod (@impactresults)…


My 2013 TEDx talk about motivation, leadership and why it’s essential to care about others at the workplace:


I am happy to provide reference videos as well as written references on request…such as:

Just by putting Philipp’s hands around a microphone, you instantly move the audience in the room from present to actively engaged. He has a keen ability to create simple from the complex. He understands much of what we try to communicate is more than change, it’s a transformation.

(Kelli Carlson-Jagersma | @NorthStar)

Philipp is a rare gem within technology public speakers: knowledgeable, accessible and thoroughly engaging. I never fail to learn, never fail to be inspired. A true thought-leader

(Jonathan Phillips | @DigitalJonathan | Co-founder Intranetizen)

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