Together we untangle the complexity of digital and organisational transformation. We will make it easier for your people to understand options, take well informed decisions and jointly commit to a way forward.

As part of my work, I support the forming of new initiatives and programs. Sometimes I help teams to calibrate & adjust running projects, sometimes I help to rescue & recover work that has already hit a wall.

My contribution is an increase in clarity for the team and eventually for the entire organisation. My goal is to build a stronger foundation for change and make it easier for organisations and individuals to adapt to the new digital opportunities.

My work delivers results on four key dimensions:

The result: truly empowered teams.

Teams, that share the fundamentals for successful transformation and organisational change:

  • shared language helps to make sure people talk about and mean the same thing. In complex organisations with multi-disciplinary teams spanning across hierarchies, this is usually critical to joint success – not just in stakeholder management.
  • shared understanding for the “why” gives teams a common motivator and aligns it with what operational and managerial stakeholders expect from the initiative.
  • Alignment on vision & roadmap is the next level after the “why” – it’s the joint ambition, coupled with concrete priorities and steps for the way forward.
  • Real commitment shouldn’t just be a statement. It is a mindset, that requires an understanding for what “joint success” means for everyone involved – because in the future we will be working a lot more for and with each other, than alongside each other in distinct roles.

To give you a better understanding for the questions I like to ask on the four dimensions, I’ve shared my personal checklist in a blog post.

How I do all this is covered in the section Offering & Services. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or specific needs that you’d like to discuss.