Empower your people to drive change.

CampSherpa is a coaching and people development approach to create leaders for sustainable and robust change. In two steps, we will form a team from your business leaders, influencers and digital experts. This team will then lead your organisation on the journey to the digital summit. By doing that, your digital future is part of your very own DNA.

Step 1

Objectives. People. Content

CampSherpa will be tailored to your needs and capabilities. Your business and digitalisation goals will be our guiding light and set the stage for the camp’s program. Your people will be the source for the most suitable mix of experience and passion. They will start as individuals and leave as a team.

Together we will pick the library of knowledge and inspiration to empower your future leaders with a shared perspective and language.

Step 2

Initiation. Formation. Activation

CampSherpa will be set an inspiring and motivating environment. In three sessions, we will turn the participants into a committed team.

Interactive workshops facilitate the process of “getting to know each other”. The participants will “see” each individual and feel the potential of being a team. Through simulation, role play and acting, they will develop a common language, align their perspectives and develop a clear mission for the journey ahead. On that journey, each of them will play a specific part.

Back in their organisation, they will actively support peers and colleagues in the transformation process. As a change team, they will stay in touch, exchange experiences and find synergies and networks to nurture change and progress even further.

Participants & group size

Mix and size of the group are paramount to the success of the CampSherpa program. I recommend the following set-up to increase the potential impact and compatibility of the change team with the organisation:

  • 1 Top Management (L1) Sponsor *
  • Customer-facing functions (sales, customer management, consulting)
  • Support functions (assistance, HR, marketing)
  • IT experts (technical experts, project managers)

My rule of thumb for distribution of people profiles:

  • 1/3 with >5 years in your company
  • 1/3 with a digital background (not necessarily Digital Natives)
  • 1/3 with exceptional passion for the future of YOUR company

When choosing the participants, it definitely makes sense to take their empathic and communications skills into account. The majority of their future work will happen with people that experience anxiety, fear and change resistance…so interpersonal skills might come in quite handy.

The maximum group size is 20.

Each group of 20 should have some sort of regional focus to be able to stay connected and meet regularly after the camp. It’s a lot to ask if all 20 have to travel for days for the offsite or can only stay in touch virtually after the camp.

* needs to be present for at least 2 of the offsite sessions

The right way to handle digital transformation is YOUR way.

You must experience your transformation, not outsource it.

Entire market ecosystems are moving towards a digital future. If you want to be part of that move and access the opportunities, you need to learn how to handle digital transformation according to your capabilities. Looking and thinking outside the box is paramount. Inspiration from other industries can be a terrific driver. Nevertheless, you need to be honest with yourself about where you stand today and about the best mix of possible, necessary and urgent.

The best ones to lead this process are your very own people. They know their way around. They know your customers, your partners and all the pitfalls of politics, structure and culture. Built from the right talent – young, old, progressive and conservative – an internal team can generate something a consultant will never be able to achieve: real commitment and passion for change.