The Onboarding Design BootCamp

Welcome your new talent with a digital “we love that you’re here“.

To get new people onboarded at a company is like getting people onboarded to a new digital product or service:

  • It should be easy for them to get their bearings and learn their way around
  • The essentials should always be in close reach
  • The first steps to becoming self sufficient should be guided and focus on the key aspects a rookie to the game needs to know

With this, commercial digital offerings attempt to achieve high activation rates, frequent return visits and an increase life time value of a customer.

For companies a proper onboarding leads to employees that feel welcome from the first touch point. They know their way around quickly and are empowered to fulfil their purpose right from the start.

Offering in Brief

In a team made up of seasoned employees, recent newcomers, HR experts and IT wizards we will create an experience, that will help to create an extraordinary onboarding experience for new employees:

  • Make them feel truly welcome and provide easy orientation in a complex world
  • Provide affirmation for the decision of having come on board as often as possible and turn new employees into ambassadors for your company
  • Create a feeling of belonging, personal empowerment and comfort

With the support of creative exploration, design and prototyping methods we will form the foundation for turning new employees into ambassadors for your company.

We will draw inspiration from online and tech companies and create a kick-ass onboarding journey with measurable impact.

Contribution to organisational change

Adapting your organisation to true digital transformation is the key to success. Organisations need to train cross-functional work and accountability to get into a real agile and result driven work mode. With the success of the Onboarding BootCamp you will have tested and learned a lot about how you can sustainably implement and lead these new ways of working.

Why I am passionate about the onboarding

Optimising the onboarding experience is probably the most people centric challenge in a company. For this I can combine my passion for guiding others with my experience as a corporate employee, digital communicator and business coach.

Having arrived in large corporations myself multiple times, both as an employee and as an extern adviser, I have learned the hard way what it means to be new. It can be a complex and exhausting experience with various break points.

I have worked hard to become pretty proficient at simplifying complexity in my career in sales, marketing, consulting & coaching. Now you can make my experience work for you, your company and your employees to make onboarding the most seamless and enjoyable experience possible for everyone involved.

How we tackle the challenge together

Designing the Onboarding Experience
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Why you want me on your team

My practical knowledge as a new employee in both fixed and consultative roles in international organisations is extensive. It spans great to terrible experiences over a 15 year period. So, I can combine an inside-out with an outside-in perspective and act as the moderator between the two.

With me on your team you get…

  • In-depth expertise in digital communications for complex services or products (sales, marketing & growth)
  • Experience from consulting and coaching mandates across industries and across business functions (HR being nearly always part of my stakeholder group)
  • Proven workshop designs for exploration, design and prototyping that your people with enjoy and that will deliver actionable results
  • Understanding for how to collaborate with user experience and usability experts in internal and external digitalisation initiatives

Inspiration for this offering comes from…