Stakeholder & Management Interview Series

interviewsOne of my recent (2016) projects has changed my approach to interviews. In the past I’ve always been the one to conduct structured interviews and deliver the report on the findings. As part of a particular initiative I was asked to “up-skill” the core team to be able to conduct the interviews themselves based on a jointly developed interview guide. The result was striking! Besides the fact that the interviewers now could experience the emotional reactions of the interviewees themselves, the team was now in the position to spontaneously extend their insight with new interview sessions.

So if you get me on board to run an interview series, you better get ready to leave your comfort zone…because I won’t be the one talking to your CEO 😉

Description of the module


Complement survey and workshop based requirements engineering with additional stakeholder insight – in particular from management & leadership.


  • Determine business challenges & priorities
  • Validate findings from preceding modules
  • Create a feeling for how the initiative is “perceived” on management & leadership level


  • Solid understanding if end user, project team & management expectations match
  • Management & leadership priorities for future solutions


  • Interview & result analysis design (for face-to-face & remote interviews)
  • Up-skilling of a group of max. 5 participants (facilitation & interview techniques)
  • Support/attendance of interview session for “fine tuning” (pretending to the the note taker)


  • 1-2 weeks for interview design, audience specifications & set-up
  • 3 training session (4h per session) + 3 full days of “self study”
  • Support for building the report & result analysis depending on the survey design