Audience Survey

surveyThe audience survey is primarily targeted at user groups of existing digital services. It’s not designed to determine needs for entirely new products or classic market research. The key objective of the survey design is to determine user priorities and major challenges & pain points as reference points for prioritisation and scoping.

In addition to the guidance for a project or program the survey delivers quantified indicators for future success measurement alongside the change process. The survey design is always modular, so that it’s down to the client to decide the extend of future measurements.

Description of the survey design


Build a strong foundation for requirements engineering, roadmap prioritisation, scope management & success measurement based on broad end user insight.


  • Detailed quantification of the audience demography
  • Determine & quantify user challenges with existing solutions
  • Create a solid understanding of the user perception of the status-quo
  • Measure the current level of “objective achieved” compared to goals, strategies or specific digital service designs


  • Quantified priorities for end users (opposed to “wish lists”)
  • Quantified perception of the status-quo (opposed to “opinions”)
  • Quantified reference points for priorities and scoping (opposed to “crazy ambitious”)


  • Survey design and set-up in a digital survey tool
  • Raw survey data
  • Executive summary report & (if required) outside-in perspective on the results
  • Optional: Detailed survey report


  • 1-2 weeks for survey design, audience specifications & set-up
  • 8 to 10 days of data collection (survey run time)
  • 2-3 days for the executive report & outside-in perspective
  • 3-5 days for the detailed survey report (depending on the extend of the survey)
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