Building the Base Camp

Build a strong foundation of alignment and commitment for a long journey.

The Base Camp Sequence is the result of almost 8 years of refinement and iteration. It delivers key elements for a successful transformation & change project: true purpose, strong business alliances, starting point & long term vision, success measures and prioritised business and concept requirements.

Some of the components of the journey can be used individually. The MVP Bullseye Exercise and the Rapid Prototyping Design Week are dependent on the outcome of the preceding modules and cannot be used individually.

Here’s a short introduction to the steps…

Joint Mission Statement Workshop

Built to align a cross-functional key stakeholder group on motivation, objective & terminology, this 4h workshop is a powerful tool. The outcome of the workshop can even be used to check back with senior management stakeholders & project sponsors.  (Read more)

Quantified Audience Survey

Designed to deliver quantified and modular results the survey does not just create an in-depth insight into how today’s digital offering is perceived. It provides the foundation for future success & progress measurement. (Read more)

Stakeholder Prototyping Workshop

Created by a cross-functional team of consulting & coaching & experts (in itself one of the best team experiences of my career!) this 1.5 days workshop experience delivers a deep insight in today’s challenges, potential solutions & a vision for the future.  (Read more)

Stakeholder & Management Interview Series

Empowered client team members run an interview series with a selected audience. Besides the insight into needs, perceptions & priorities this module provides the skill transfer to design & execute structured business interviews. (Read more)

MVP Bull’s Eye Exercise

A well prepared & structured way to align the key stakeholder on the Minimal Viable Product (MVP), also known as Release 1, and a roadmap for future releases. Due to the team effort, this exercise usually delivers an ambitious but still realistic scope.

Concept Design Week

On-site, in a cross-functional team, we build the core design principals of the future service. In (literally) one week, the team makes sure that the aspired solution meets key stakeholder requirements and can be delivered by the technology experts. One of the most intense and fun ways of building exceptional experiences.

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