Digital Sherpa Products

Knowledge Elevation Journey

Explore inspiration. Connect insight. Apply knowledge. Learn together.

The Knowledge Elevation Journey helps you to break down silos and introduce insight from external sources to your own organisation. It’s about finding the right content, understanding its relevance, and applying new knowledge to the business challenge at hand.

The result: a common foundation for making well informed decisions.

The Onboarding Design BootCamp

Welcome your new talent with a digital “we love that you’re here“.

To get new people onboarded at a company is like getting people onboarded to a new digital product or service:

  • It should be easy for them to get their bearings and learn their way around
  • The essentials should always be in close reach
  • The first steps to becoming self sufficient should be guided and focus on the key aspects a rookie to the game needs to know

Building the Base Camp

Build a strong foundation of alignment and commitment for a long journey.

The Base Camp Sequence is the result of almost 8 years of refinement and iteration. It delivers key elements for a successful transformation & change project: true purpose, strong business alliances, starting point & long term vision, success measures and prioritised business and concept requirements.

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