I help teams to stay strong.

Sometimes even strong teams need support along the way. In particular when they are built from strong characters and have to operate in a complex and continuously changing environment.

Long term and agile projects and programs sometimes need guidance from the outside to ensure that the “True North” is still understood and top of mind. This helps to keep people pulling the same string in the same direction.

I understand this support as a certain kind of leadership function, that requires trust, believe and commitment from everyone involved. It shouldn’t be confused with project, task or roadmap management.


Based on Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development (1965).

Coaching is a very personal thing…

Therefore I would recommend that we get in touch, if you’re interested in how I can help you, your team or your organisation through digital transformation and organisational change.

Some key principals for my approach to coaching:

  • I will make sure that everyone gets a voice in a way that she/he feels comfortable with.
  • My main objective is to really understand what’s going on. I use methods of “active listening” to make sure that we’ve all understood what someone was trying to express.
  • My environments are safe environments. No matter how “common sense” or “factual” information might seem, it will only leave the room or group if everyone has agreed to it.
  • I do not mix coaching with consulting. In coaching mode my point of view, my opinion or potential subject matter expertise isn’t relevant.