I deliver inspiration to people.

If you’re looking for a speaker for conferences, events or simply for inspiring your workforce or leadership team, I’d love to support you with my on-stage presence.

I promise to entertain your audience…

Over the past years I have been the chairman at various conferences and have spent a lot of time at the IntraNET.Reloaded & Social Enterprise Collaboration conference series hosted by WE.CONECT, Berlin.


What you can expect in talks from me:

  • Technology agnostic inspiration on digital transformation & enterprise 2.0
  • Inspiration on how business IT can learn from the commercial world
  • Mobility in information and knowledge work
  • Leadership and management for networked organisations

Got 18 minutes? Watch my 2017 gig at the IntraNET Reloaded in Berlin…

Or the one from 2015:

Interested in my voice? Here’s a short interview with Christine McLeod (@impactresults)…

My 2013 TEDx talk about motivation, leadership and why it’s essential to care about others at the workplace:

I am happy to provide reference videos as well as written references on request…such as:

Just by putting Philipp’s hands around a microphone, you instantly move the audience in the room from present to actively engaged. He has a keen ability to create simple from the complex. He understands much of what we try to communicate is more than change, it’s a transformation.

(Kelli Carlson-Jagersma | @NorthStar)

Philipp is a rare gem within technology public speakers: knowledgeable, accessible and thoroughly engaging. I never fail to learn, never fail to be inspired. A true thought-leader

(Jonathan Phillips | @DigitalJonathan | Co-founder Intranetizen)

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