One of my biggest passions is guiding small or large groups through well designed and planned workshops. With a clear objective, a thought through plan and engaging methods I’ve been able to tackle almost any challenge and have people really enjoy the ride at the same time. Depending on the complexity of the subject workshops can be between half a day and two full days.

My promise for any workshop: At the end of the session participants have concrete, tangible and documented results at hand.

Looking back at my (I don’t even know how may) workshops there are two distinct types:

Subject Matter Workshops

Mainly geared towards collecting facts and structuring information those workshops are for small (4) or medium (up to 8) participants and take 4 to 6 hours. Those workshops are usually designed to…

  • Document and alight multiple perspectives on one subject
  • Specify & scope projects or subjects (e.g. DMS or “Digital Workplace”)
  • Unveil, document and plan for addressing “blank spots” in a (planned) project

Discovery & Design Workshops

Besides dealing with the workshop subject itself D&D Workshops Designs have methods and elements built in to support the forming and alignment of larger teams. This is particularly helpful in times of organisational/operational change or strategy re-calibration.

The designs work for up to 16 participant and last between one and two business days. Across business functions and hierarchies the designs help to determine common perspectives, build alliances and spark enthusiasm for the way ahead. Classic use cases are…

  • Determine reference points, anchors & priorities for strategy developement
  • Business requirements engineering and prioritisation
  • Conceptual design of future digital services (not technical, not UX, not visual design)
  • Stakeholder alignment at the start of a complex and long program with a potential business and/or work cultural impact