Digital Business Strategy

The right focus and the right priorities are paramount to the success in digitalisation. New megatrends, revolutionary technology and tool hit the corporate world with unseen frequency – it’s almost mind-boggling.

For business leaders and operational managers, it is becoming challenging to make well-informed decisions. The attempt to take all current factors into account and choose what’s state-of-the-art is almost impossible. Things are moving too fast for the way decisions are made today.

To step back from it all and use one’s position, ambitions, capabilities and limitations as a reference point can help. This doesn’t mean that decisions ignore the world outside such as customers, competitors and market ecosystem. It only means that decisions shouldn’t be taken while being chased by outside influence and pressure.

My Model for the Playing Fields in the Digital Arena helps to pinpoint the parts of the business that could specifically benefit from new digital opportunities.

(c) Philipp Rosenthal | Digital Sherpa (2019)

The model furthermore helps to connect the dots and see the footprint of a specific initiative, since it is an artificial separation of the fields: in reality, they are all connected and meddled up. It’s where complexity gets complicated. The abstraction helps to make it less complicated and facilitate a focussed discussion.

My Role in Digital Strategy Development

Along with the model, I help the involved stakeholders and teams to determine a strong foundation to make well-informed decisions. To achieve that, I work with the following essential tools:

  • Discovery and “snap shot” workshops
  • Reference and prioritisation models
  • Scoping and roadmap design workshops
  • Program and project design framework and documentation
  • Proposals and recommendations to leadership and management

My Objectives in Digital Strategy Development

  • Align perspectives and language
  • Form a strong team from individual experts
  • Develop a joint agreement on business case and motivation
  • Establish stable initiatives that can survive budget cuts and economic turmoil