Alignment of People

I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that the key success factor to any initiative is alignment. This might sound like common sense but still is one of the main weak points I come across in almost any mandate. I help companies and teams to overcome this and move forward towards a shared “true North”.

Engaging Workshops

One of my biggest passions is guiding small or large groups through well designed and planned workshops. With a clear objective, a thought through plan and engaging methods I’ve been able to tackle almost any challenge and have people really enjoy the ride at the same time. Depending on the complexity of the subject workshops can be between half a day and two full days.

My promise for any workshop: At the end of the session participants have concrete, tangible and documented results at hand.

Team Coaching

With every new mandate I get better in asking the right questions…to poke right where it hurts. Knowing what to ask for and the right way to ask is key to guiding individuals and teams towards a solution that fits with them, not some general framework or standard. I believe that most of my clients will confirm that I am not shying away from the really, really difficult questions either.

Inspirational Talks

Let me entertain your audience… If you’re looking for a speaker for conferences, events or leadership inspiration I’d love to support you. I gained my experience from years of on-stage experience as subject mater spokes person or conference presenter and in countless meetings with employees, operations managers, executives and fellow digital strategists.