Biggest #Mistake #Leaders Can Make (HavardBusiness on #youtube)

Simply have to share this holding a thought leader role…"just think about yourself" and "not being authentic", couldn't agree more. Would you want to be led by a self centric and obviously just "acting" person? A nice twist to the subtitle "acting" under senior leadership titles (MD..acting) haha

#ideo #intranet #thetube – no formal impact evaluation; via

via Benefits & Metrics Some utilization statistics: More than 1,000 Project Pages created in that feature’s first six months (these pages have fields for project storytelling and document collections and sharing. They automatically include all team members who have billed to the project, as well as start date, budget, client information, and more.) OverContinue reading “#ideo #intranet #thetube – no formal impact evaluation; via”

#michaelfauscette on new #expecations towards #enterprises (repost)

An excellent article on how expectations have changed through the access to user experience excellence in hardware and digital service design. It's definitely a fact that humans will always figure out the easiest way to solve their challenges – by either reaching out to non proprietary systems and software (unconsciously jeopardizing security and privacy policies)Continue reading “#michaelfauscette on new #expecations towards #enterprises (repost)”

#peoplecentric #communication by #michaelfauscette (via

My take on the following article Communication has become one of the major challenges in larger organisations. Unfortunately e-mail definitely has turned into an inefficient 'thing‘ that is probably causing more work, confusion and in the end frustration than it adds speed to decision making and knowledge exchange. Social media and the new approach ofContinue reading “#peoplecentric #communication by #michaelfauscette (via”

#socialmedia in the #enterprise (part 2): #motivation (new DesireIt paper)

click here for the PDF file: Some thinking on how to motivate an organisation to tap into the new opportunities that a social media inspired workplace would offer – because it’s not just about the bells and whistles of a new piece of IT đŸ˜‰

#clayshirky on #collaboration vs #institutions on – in 2005 (b4 #facebook and #twitter, folks!!!) Clay gets totally excited how easy it was to access information that has been categorized by un-institutionalized users: photos tagged and stored on What's interesting as well is his reference to communication cost, which he states to have gone through the floor… Well, communication in 2010 has turned into the biggest challenge of all.Continue reading “#clayshirky on #collaboration vs #institutions on – in 2005 (b4 #facebook and #twitter, folks!!!)”