#mckinsey on #information #overload and recovering #productivity; my take in #enterprise20 context

McKinsey has just published a very interesting article on the impact of multitasking and always-on on executive's productivity and focus (http://www.mckinseyquarterly.com/Recovering_from_information_overload_2735) in their Quarterly (awesome source!!). For me this phenomenon does not only apply to executives that get distracted from…

#desireIT is back – sorry for the long absence; battery #recharge was required :)

In case you were following my posts and thinking on enterprise 2.0 and the social media inspired workplace I have to apologize for being so silent for almost 2 months. There was some proper recharging necessary on my side. Now…

interview on #enterprise20 and technology #evangelism (Computerwoche, German)

Computerwoche2010.pdf Download this file Interview on enterprise 2.0 and the concept of an evangelist role conducted by Computerwoche in Germany 🙂 (http://bit.ly/CW_futureoffice)

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