#mckinsey on #information #overload and recovering #productivity; my take in #enterprise20 context

McKinsey has just published a very interesting article on the impact of multitasking and always-on on executive's productivity and focus (http://www.mckinseyquarterly.com/Recovering_from_information_overload_2735) in their Quarterly (awesome source!!). For me this phenomenon does not only apply to executives that get distracted from making key decisions and forward thinking. It also applies to the standard knowledge worker thatContinue reading “#mckinsey on #information #overload and recovering #productivity; my take in #enterprise20 context”

#desireIT is back – sorry for the long absence; battery #recharge was required :)

In case you were following my posts and thinking on enterprise 2.0 and the social media inspired workplace I have to apologize for being so silent for almost 2 months. There was some proper recharging necessary on my side. Now I am back to the keyboard… And in case you've missed me: let me knowContinue reading “#desireIT is back – sorry for the long absence; battery #recharge was required :)”

#Salesforce to Lure #Enterprise into #Social Collaboration (via mashable.com)

I seriously doubt that salesforce, Yammer or socialcast.com will be the winners in the enterprise 2.0 battle. Simply because it isn't a platform thing. Yes, viral effects will create a visible and reportable user volume. It will be a matter 'owning the figures means owning the success' because the actual effect on communincation efficiency, productivityContinue reading “#Salesforce to Lure #Enterprise into #Social Collaboration (via mashable.com)”