Don’t miss out on this wake-up call for society

Due to the nature of my work, I spend a lot of time by myself preparing, thinking, creating. Never before have I felt less alone sitting by myself in my home office. People who I primarily work with, reach out just to check-in on my health and well being – no other reason, just that.Continue reading “Don’t miss out on this wake-up call for society”

Two years. 170 people. Countless experiences.

I can hardly believe that is has been two years since I embarked on my freelance journey. One thing for sure: it has been the best decision in my business life so far. A few weeks ago, four workshops for four clients happened to be scheduled in one ten-day row. In-between, only one and aContinue reading “Two years. 170 people. Countless experiences.”

My interview with WYZE on “the state of digitalisation projects” (German/English)

WYZE Projects* recently conducted an interview with me to discuss my personal view on the current state of digitalisation projects. We talked about The reason, why some digitalisation initiatives struggle to keep traction The difference of digitalisation to classic business process initiatives Where to find “digital leadership” within organisations The interview was conducted in German.Continue reading “My interview with WYZE on “the state of digitalisation projects” (German/English)”

The best reward for 2.5 intense days…

One year in the business of being a freelance coach, it’s about time that I provide some insight into my actual work as well. So for a start I am sharing the “cloud of emotions” after 2.5 days of intense workshops with over 20 people… Frankly, there isn’t a better reward than positivity. A littleContinue reading “The best reward for 2.5 intense days…”

Lessons in training yourself to observe how other people feel

As a coach my goal is to work not just for but with people. A genuine interest in the emotional state of others is an essential part of what I do. To sharpen my empathy radar and to improve my ability to observe how others feel in a particular situation, I’ve started my journey intoContinue reading “Lessons in training yourself to observe how other people feel”

My predictions for 2017 (*wink)

It’s the time of year again. All experts are gathering around the crystal ball to predict what we will be doing in the next 12 months. Of course I need to chime in because if you operate under the “Digital Sherpa” metaphor the “Shaman” isn’t that far off… So here we go with my 5 bestContinue reading “My predictions for 2017 (*wink)”

IntraNET Reloaded 2016 – My key take away & the summary of my World Cafe session

Summary: I guess it’s fair to say “we did it again”. The European Digital Workplace and Intranet community had their annual “class reunion” in Berlin’s Kosmos Cinema to exchange honest experience, practice insight and progress at the 2016 IntraNET Reloaded. Reflecting on the conversations I had and the presentation I was able to attend there wasn’t a “nextContinue reading “IntraNET Reloaded 2016 – My key take away & the summary of my World Cafe session”

DesireIT is now “The Digital Sherpa” #TheDigitalSherpa

It’s about time that my own digital footprint reflects my personal evolution. I started blogging when I was still with Tieto, a large IT services company. There I learned that the key to successful IT projects is end user adoption. Since I am specialised in dealing with the digital transformation of information and knowledge workContinue reading “DesireIT is now “The Digital Sherpa” #TheDigitalSherpa”

Wrapping up 2014; no #predictions from my side, just sharing some #learning & #insight; #enterprise20 #e20 #socbiz

Another year has passed and it’s been an exciting one – what else. It would be weird to say that nothing has happened and that it has been rather dull. If nothing had happened on the professional front I could at least have reported that I have given up my Munich home base after 39 yearsContinue reading “Wrapping up 2014; no #predictions from my side, just sharing some #learning & #insight; #enterprise20 #e20 #socbiz”

My #summary of the IntraNET.Reloaded World Café on “Sending and Receiving” #intrel14 #socialbusiness #e20 #enterprise20

As promised in my previous post I’ve now finished my summary of the World Café Session at the 2014 IntraNET.Reloaded on the subject of “Sending & Receiving as key pillars of success in modern intranets and Digital Workplaces”. You can find my post here on the Infocentric corporate blog. I really like the outcome since itContinue reading “My #summary of the IntraNET.Reloaded World Café on “Sending and Receiving” #intrel14 #socialbusiness #e20 #enterprise20″