I am now a Freelance Coach & Consultant

I have toyed with this idea on more than one occasion. Encouraged by my network and my family, I’ve now taken the plunge into self employment and am a “gun for hire” for clients that could benefit from a “Digital Sherpa”.

On my re-worked website you will find information on what I can offer you, your people and your business. Please get in touch with me via the contact form, Xing, LinkedIn or Twitter if you want to know more.

In a nutshell I will be offering the following services:

Alignment of teams & digital initiatives

  • Strategic framework & “true North” for a project or program
  • Scoping & specification of a project/program (charter, plan, sourcing, roadmap)
  • Program & work stream design

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Continuous team coaching

Support of project, management & leadership teams in keeping a complex program on track and implementing change.

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Workshop Design

Development, design & facilitation of engaging, concrete and creative workshops for

  • Team building & alignment
  • (Business) requirements engineering
  • Change implementation & ambassador acquisition
  • Prioritisation & roadmap design

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Inspirational talks

Well…some of you know that I love being on stage to inspire people and share my thoughts and ideas. I am happy to do this at conferences or in corporate environments to drive internal evangelism for change, digitalisation & the new ways of working.


I’ve even put together a more specific offering along a process of “Building the Base Camp” for a digital journey.

The following illustration shows where I connect to your digital initiatives & teams:


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So…Hire me as your Digital Sherpa today. Limited supplies only ;o)


A little bit of #SelfPromotion… The Digital Workplace Gold Dust is available; #digitalworkplace #GoldDust #socbiz #e20 #enterprise20

I’ve been careful with promoting business related stuff on my personal blog. I will make an exception in this case because I have finally succeeded in collecting my past year’s experience in one place: the Digital Workplace Gold Dust. And I am proud of it (*BAM there, I said it)

It’s the follow up of Infocentric’s Digital Workplace Report and focuses on a fully practice based angle on the subject of Advanced Intranets and Digital Workplaces. It’s full of models, conceptual perspectives and references that I and we have used frequently and refined over the past years. I didn’t do this completely by myself of course. A lot of inspiration and input comes from my work for clients, the collaboration with valued colleagues and companions in the field.

Digital Workplace Gold Dust

Maybe you would enjoy the read 🙂 You can request a copy of the Digital Workplace Gold Dust on Infocentric’s website


personal note; excited to announce that I’ve joined @infocentric research ag to lead principal consulting & research #timeforchange

It’s time for personal change.

I’ve decided to leave the world of large corporations behind and join the thriving and passionate team of Infocentric Research AG (Baden, Switzerland). As a proud member of their ET I will be leading their principal consulting and research practice and drive Infocentric’s internationalisation efforts.

The team at Infocentric has an exceptional perspective on all things digital. They are true believers in the power of information logistics and the transformation of businesses to unleash the potential of their digital channels.

I strongly recommend a look at their report on the Digital Workplace

One essential aspect for this move is the opportunity to apply my experience in digital communications again. In addition to my work in the field of social business and enterprise 2.0 I will support companies in orchestrating their digital footprint. As part of a team of true experts I will help companies to improve individual and collaborative business productivity as a solid foundation for digitalising external relationships.

If you want to know more don’t hesitate me to contact me via Twitter @for_desire_it or email: prosenthal (at) infocentricresearch.com.


artikel im #wissensmanagement magazin; quo vadis #wissensarbeit (German); #socbiz #socialbusiness #enterprise20

Social Business

Quo vadis Wissensarbeit?

von Philipp Rosenthal

Wissensmanagement 3.2013











Web 2.0, Cloud Computing, Software as a Service – die Liste von Begriffen, die die Arbeitswelt revolutionieren, ließe sich noch lange fortsetzen. Einige gehören bereits zum Büro-Alltag, andere verschwinden wieder. Das derzeit viel diskutierte Thema „Enterprise 2.0“ oder „Social Business“ steht am Scheideweg. Doch das Arbeiten nach dem Vorbild der sozialen Medien – Teilen, Beteiligen, Mitmachen – ist auf Erfolgskurs.

PDF zum Artikel gibt’s hier

Erschienen in: Wissensmanagement (März 2013) | Büro für Medien (Oliver Lehnert e.K.)




new (german) #publication on #enterprise20 in #hrperformance magazine; #socbiz #socialbusiness

HR Performance ClippingEnterprise 2.0 has to be more than conversation and networking.

My latest article in a special interest magazine for HR professionals (in German). I am particularly proud of the contribution of the CIO of an industrial manufacturing company. In their context enterprise 2.0 has to deliver business value straight away. Hype won’t drive anything.

HR Performance 12/12 (Beitrag Philipp Rosenthal)

(Published by Verlagsgruppe Hüthig Jehle Rehm GmbH – DATAKONTEXT – Fachinformationsdienstleister für Personalarbeit, Entgeltabrechnung und Datenschutz in 2012)

new (german) publication on #enterprise20 #socbiz in Marketing Jahrbuch 2013 (CH); jointly with @IntranetMatters

My latest publication in the marketing annual for Switzerland (Marketing Jahrbuch 2013, Kömedia). I’ve proudly co-witten this with Stephan Schillerwein, Head of Research at Infocentric Research AG (Baden).

Social Media fängt innen an” (PDF des Artikel im Marketing Jahrbuch 2013, Kömedia)


my latest article in LEAD digital 06_2012 on #socialbusiness (German)

In the June issue of the German LEAD digital (published by the Verlag Werben & Verkaufen, a subsidiary of the Sueddeutsche Verlag) you can find an article on the basics of social business.  The essay contains references to my thinking around the change in leadership, work and collaboration culture as well as the challenges for change management and adaption.

The article was published in German. A link to the PDF can be found here or in the “publications” section of my site.

Special thanks to LEAD digital for the approval to publish this on my website!


Now online: My contribution to the Microsoft publication “Das Neue Arbeiten” (read & listen in German)

In case you’re interested in my (German) contribution to Microsoft’s publication on “Das Neue Arbeiten” (The New Way of Working). You can download each section (mine is called “Der finnische IT-Dienstleister Tieto ist in vielen Branchen zu Hause”) as an audio version and the entire book in PDF format here.

Picture is a screenshot from my part of the book (© Microsoft Corporation 2012)