The Power of Purpose and the Balance of Goal, Value & Leadership

Intro: Two colleagues of mine started working on a model for the “power of purpose”. Purpose is one of the key subjects at the moment when it comes to change, leadership & management. One of the most famous talkers about…

Expectations Mgmt: YOU! are in charge; the #DigitalWorkplace will only provide means 2b better @ it; #SelfLeadership #socbiz #enterprise20

Summary: The expectation that a new digital workplace will simply remove all known obstacles and automate all cumbersome things of an information worker is wrong. In too many instances I have stumbled across users and managers that said "But then…

my interview on leadership 2.0 on the / #NoFearBook

I have to admit that I am kind of proud to be part of this project... (I suppose if I say network one more time someone will slap me in the face hahaha)Check the new site as well:

#leadership in #enterprise20; #employee20; 7 habits of effective #leaders 2.0; #NoFearBook

Check out my blog post on leading employees in and change towards an enterprise 2.0 - feedback welcome! -> 

#leadership for the upcoming generation of employees #nofearbook

The No Fear Community (and will be a book) is supposed to support experience exchange amongst business professionals, managers and executives with regards to leadership practice and the change happening therein due to the shift in a lot of the…

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