awesome conference #intra_reloaded @ cu2013 @NorthStar @calamairi @DigitalJonathan @dariusmiranda et all :)

The best intranet conference I've attended so far 🙂 If you're keen on having a sneak peek into the future of intranets and the digital workspace: be there in 2013!

sketches of my icebreaker session @ #intra_reloaded – thanks to all participants!

Here are the sketches and the background thinking I've used for the Icebreaker Session for Reloaded, Berlin (April 17/18 2012). WE. ME. (There is no I in team...but there's a ME if you look hard enough) Too often social business/enterprise…

my digest of #intra_reloaded 2012 #collaboration #networking #futureofwork #enterprise20 #socialbusiness

Summary: my take on 2 days at the conference 'INTRA.reloaded - From communication to collaboration' (April 17/18 2012, Berlin). In an increasing number of companies the 'intranet' is more and more seen as a potential starting point to create a…

slot on #mobileworking at m-days in frankfurt on feb 2nd #2012 #e20 #socbiz #enterprise20

MobileWorking-GERMAN.pdf Download this file Join me at the M-Days in Frankfurt on Feb 1/2 2012 🙂 My stage time is 10.40 on Feb 2nd... Check out my recent post on mobility to get a flavor of what I will be…

At #smed2011 #socialmediaeconomydays 2011 Munich; on stage in 30 min; #socialbusiness #enterprise20

Talking about the future of information work at a German social media conference in Munich today. Only 12 hours after my return from an awesome trip to Patagonia :-))

my digest of #knowtech 2011 knowledge mgmt conference #e20 #socialbusiness #enterprise20

I've attended the KnowTech 2011 conference on knowledge management in Bad Homburg. Find my digest and thoughts on our corporate blog:

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