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How remote work and home office affect management and leadership.

I am writing this new essay while the Covid-19 pandemic keeps changing the paradigms of work and social life. Companies like SIEMENS and Novartis (besides all the large digital players) publicly speak about their ambition to make home office and remote work the norm. Over a decade, I have helped similar companies in their internalContinue reading “How remote work and home office affect management and leadership.”

It’s not office OR home office. It’s the right balance. Like everywhere in life.

I am getting more and more confused by all the articles that predict the end of the physical offices. I agree that we have learned a lot from the COVID situation. But this learning is not exclusive to companies and managers. During the time of lockdown, I had the chance to talk to a lotContinue reading “It’s not office OR home office. It’s the right balance. Like everywhere in life.”

Virtual StorylineWorkshops: addressing the needs of a new business reality.

Workshop design and facilitation are paramount to my work as a business coach. The fact that I will not be allowed on-site at my clients for the foreseeable future made me re-think this building block of people empowerment. On, my tool of choice for creating a virtually endless workshop canvas, I am sharing withContinue reading “Virtual StorylineWorkshops: addressing the needs of a new business reality.”

Gamification Gold Nugget – Join me at Intranet Reloaded from Home 2020

This year’s class reunion will be all virtual – conferencing from home, so to say. Please join my session on Office 365 Onboarding with the help of Gamification (April 28, 11.10 CET). I will be talking about the advantages of a gamified approach and share a concrete plan/scenario, which you can adopt/adapt and run – even inContinue reading “Gamification Gold Nugget – Join me at Intranet Reloaded from Home 2020”

CampSherpa – Your People. Empowered.

I’ve toyed with the idea for quite a while: build impactful change and transformation teams with a combination of training and design thinking workshops. That’s why I am now launching CampSherpa. It’s the next evolution of my work with client teams and entirely focussed on the transformation from the inside. The goal: Empowered change teams.Continue reading “CampSherpa – Your People. Empowered.”

There are no “generations” at the workplace – only people.

A TED talk I watched over lunchtime today inspired me to write this article. In the talk, Leah Georges talks about her take on how generational stereotypes hold us back at work. I’ve embedded the video at the bottom of the page. Assuming a “generational” divide is misleading. When I started my journey in internalContinue reading “There are no “generations” at the workplace – only people.”


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