About Me

My passion is split between two things: the future of information work and the beauty of the Bavarian, Austrian and since November 2014 the Swiss) mountains. Whenever my thoughts aren’t spinning around digital transformation and ways to make the life of individual employees and teams easier, my legs are spinning the pedals of my mountain bike.

I believe in the vision of a digital workspace for information and knowledge workers that is infused by social and commercial media. This belief has become my mission and profession. I accompany industry clients on their endeavor towards social business and support them in the transformation into an enterprise 2.0.

Connecting social business/enterprise 2.0 to actual business operations is what I consider to be an essential factor for the success of respective initiatives. Building social silos and providing corporate Facebooks to organizations will not be the key to unlocking the potential that lies hidden within silent individuals and unconnected knowledge, experience and skills. Every day and work task related business IT has to be inspired by the new opportunities to distribute, receive and enrich data.

So far I have worked at advertising agencies, online publishers and professional service companies (e.g. Yahoo! Inc., United Internet Media AG and Tieto Corp.). My experience in brief (in November 2015):

  • Over 10 years of combined experience in consulting clients and corporate stakeholders
  • 5 years of marketing and communications specialized in industrial services and products
  • 1 year of sales and marketing management for a professional service company
  • 6 years of online industry in various roles (marketing, sales, change management, business analytics)
  • 5 years of offering management, sales, marketing and thought leadership in the IT industry

In April 2013 I joined Infocentric Research AG  (Baden, Switzerland) as a Principal Consultant. Together we reshape digital and help businesses to transform and unleash the power of digital channels.

In total I bring over 20 years of experience in “digital” to the table – combining agency, publishing, services industry and consulting perspectives to a 360° picture on the subject.

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