About Me

I’ve been been part of the digital world for over 20 years and I know business before digital was even a “thing”. This gives me a real understanding for people that are affected (and sometimes scared) by a more and more digitalised world.

In various agencies, technology firms, online companies & consultancies, I have worked as a

  • copy writer (yes, really),
  • business consultant,
  • start-up & people manager,
  • business & thought leader and (of course),
  • team & project coach.

As a consultant, I had the opportunity to work across various industries, mainly industrial engineering, professional services, finance & healthcare. This variety of perspectives and challenges has equipped me with skills that come in handy in my work with clients today.

Since 2020 I am a visiting lecturer at the EPFL, Lausanne. As part of the Executive MBA (EMBA) program I run a course on Change Management in the context of Digital Transformation. The course is a mix of change theory (systemic thinking, theory frameworks, motivation) and practice insight (pitfalls & success factors).


In 2018 I’ve started my training in mimic resonance and am now a certified Mimic Resonance ® Consultant … but that was only the first step of a longer journey.

Why the “Sherpa”?

The Digital Sherpa is my metaphor for how I see myself. Whenever possible, I relieve my clients (or colleagues) from unnecessary weight, make sure we find the right way and pace for the journey and create a common understanding for what’s lying ahead. I cannot climb the “digital mountain” for them, but I can make their journey to the summit a lot more pleasant.

I sincerely enjoy guiding people through complex situations with an outside view and the ability to take a step back and look at things from a different angle. Sometimes that’s all it takes to discover the right next move. To do that I, apply engaging and challenging but also fun workshop concepts – sometimes entire sequences of different workshops. These, often custom tailored workshops allow people to access and structure the required information or insight and at the same time become an active (and a lot of the time even committed) part of a change and transformation process.

Through my time in the IT industry I have learned to understand the meaning, magnitude and influencing factors of complex technology. That’s why I am able to help business and IT people to get on the same page and understand that they only use a different language to describe the same idea, objective or solution.

The “offline” Sherpa

I enjoy my work but I love to have time away from the digital world, too. I spend my spare time with my wife in the mountains, on my SUP, on a Triumph Bonneville Black or Ducati Scrambler or on camp sites in Bavaria, Austria, France or Spain.

There I can think, re-charge and get ready for the next summit…

Check out my public profile on LinkedIn.

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