Two years. 170 people. Countless experiences.

I can hardly believe that is has been two years since I embarked on my freelance journey. One thing for sure: it has been the best decision in my business life so far.

A few weeks ago, four workshops for four clients happened to be scheduled in one ten-day row. In-between, only one and a half weekends gave me time to re-charge in my beloved mountains.

My 10 (and a bit) days included…

  • Half a day of alignment in a crisis (8 people)
  • Two days of “gamified” community empowerment (20 people)
  • Five days of facilitating between business and IT (30 people)
  • Three days of design thinking for a digital roadmap (15 people)

Even though I should have felt drained and exhausted, I felt rewarded and full of energy. Experiencing how people enjoyed the storylines I had prepared for them was simply unbeatable.

This experience made me look back on my two years as the “Digital Sherpa”. I realised that I have interacted with over 170 people of various functions and hierarchies. I have designed and facilitated over 30 workshops. I have helped to create and initiate four large digitalisation programs. My business network has introduced me to four entirely new clients. I was part of a meeting with a board executive, out of which only that executive left with a to-do-list and the statement “this is not how my meetings usually end“.

The most important thing of all: I had fun.

Don’t get me wrong…in particular if I have worked with you before the Digital Sherpa set off to climb his mountain. I have been privileged to be part of incredible initiatives. I have travelled the world probably 10 times, if not more. I have been treated more like a friend than as a consultant on many, many occasions.

Nevertheless, the last two years have been a unique journey.

Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Mark Twain (Source:

So, I haven’t worked one single day in the past two years. I have found my true passion: help people feel comfortable and confident in times of uncertainty, change and challenge.

If you have been part of my journey, I want to thank you. If you haven’t been part of it yet, let’s give it a shot…

I’d love to share my passion with you and your people.

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