DesireIT is now “The Digital Sherpa” #TheDigitalSherpa

It’s about time that my own digital footprint reflects my personal evolution.

I started blogging when I was still with Tieto, a large IT services company. There I learned that the key to successful IT projects is end user adoption. Since I am specialised in dealing with the digital transformation of information and knowledge work it was even that users had to “desire” the new service to really buy into it and change behaviour.

For over 8 years I am now in the field of the Digital Workplace. For 3 years I have worked with Infocentric and had the pleasure to work with clients in various industries and functions.

During all that time I have evolved a lot myself. I have learned so much with each single workshop, conversation and delivery. This has motivated me to give a presentation to my fellow colleagues on what companies like Infocentric should be to their clients.

Since I truly believe what I said I decided to adopt the metaphor and change the name of my blog. I move from DesireIT – the blog around about end user adoption, user centricity, change management and enterprise 2.0 – to The Digital Sherpa

I use the metaphor of “sherpa” because looking at what I do day in and day out is more or less is in-line what this tribe does to get their protégés up the Himalaya in one piece:

  • I help to plan the trip ahead because I have learned about many pitfalls and I can call myself an expert from practice.
  • I will carry only what my clients cannot carry themselves. I have learned to listen and learn about the maturity of organisations and individuals in order to only provide the support that adds value.
  • I make my knowledge theirs. I don’t believe in dependencies. I believe that the best way to create a long term and valuable relationship is built as a two way street. I am allowed to learn and to evolve so it’s the right of my client to be empowered to do things without me later, too.
  • I am there when direction is needed. I’ve gathered knowledge over my own journey through the subject in various industries. So I can show the options when it comes to crossroads…options with their benefits, consequences and pre-conditions.

So…Digital Sherpa it is from now on. I have to admit that I even feel a bit inspired by the Agile Elephant from the UK. Probably the best company name I have ever come across in my entire working career.

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