My #summary of IntraNET.Reloaded 2014 #intrel14 (Berlin, April 10/11)

The annual get together of the European intranet and Digital community in 2014 was amazing! The energy level never dropped over 2 days – not even after lunch or after almost 10 hours of content and conversation. It was the year of the “Reality Check”. Vision and aspiration were replaced by practice sharing and insights from the first steps in social intranet, digital workplace and digital transformation initiatives.

Visual Minutes of my Presentation at IntraNET.Reloaded 2014
Summary of my presentation at the conference…

I have posted my summary of the conference to our corporate blog at here. Since I was told that Google doesn’t appreciate duplicate content across multiple sites I will not repeat it here. I hope my followers understand. It’s a “safe” click…you don’t have to expect a sales pitch or continuous rampage on how this all connects to everything Infocentric does. That would defeat the purpose of my blogging efforts.

Enjoy the read!

My Summary of the 2014 IntraNET.Reloaded (Berlin, April 10/11) – The Year of the Reality Check” on

If you’re interested in my presentation at the conference, here are the slides:

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