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Dear Readers/Followers. It has been awfully silent on DesireIT. My apologies for that. If you have seen my announcement to join Infocentric you know the reason for this silence. The past 12 months have been the most exciting of my entire career and I am bursting with inspiration and ideas for stuff I want to share. It just was never the right moment. Since we have just recently relaunched our website I will now slowly but steadily pick up my sharing activities again and will publish the majority of my posts through this new channel. I will keep updating my personal blog as well if new stuff is available – just to keep you in the loop. If you follow me on Twitter (@for_desire_it) or LinkedIn you will receive updates on new publications anyway. Please don’t lose faith in me…I promise that even though my sharing activities will move to a corporate channel my views and thoughts will not turn into advertising blabla and viral marketing attempts. Sincerely / Philipp

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