Leaner Process. Less Waste. Less Cost. An industry leader’s perspective on #SocialEnterprise; #FutureOfWork #Enterprise20

Summary: I am still in awe. As part of a client workshop on enterprise 2.0 a company leader gave an introduction on his point of view on the approach. For him the commitment to leading change the established ways of working in information and knowledge work is the differentiating factor between leaders and followers. Even though I cannot share the name of my client I have to share his key statements in this blog post…

I might want to emphasize: this article resonates on a workshop opening…this is not me preaching about what social enterprise can deliver to organizations.


Doing it right the first time. This is probably the best motivation for knowledge re-use and building up a corporate DNA of expertise and experience. If you work in comparable markets your success and competitive edge is driven by how fast and spot-on you are in producing and delivering industrial goods. Only the ones that are capable of eliminating errors, inefficiencies and develop repeatable pieces in their value chain will prosper in the long run.

Leaner Processes. Less Waste. Less Cost.

Coming from a production company this sounds like industrial optimization. In out the company’s leader was referring to process waste in terms of time, human resource and quality. Driving cost effectiveness will eventually contribute to the competitive advantage as well. Simply by offering products at a higher quality, at less cost and with superior service.

You need to be a scientist to keep up with corporate noise.

Global organizations produce noise, a lot of noise. Corporate guidelines, regional policies, local announcements hammer onto an organization with the goal to unify operations and profit from size and scaling effects. To ensure that the right message is available to the right person in the right context (aka situation) is the key to success. It reminded me of the metaphor to “tune the social radio to the right channel and silence the noise…” (see my summary of the INTRAnet.Reloaded 2013). At the end of the day a company would reach the goal of

“…people being less ignorant to corporate messages because they start delivering value if they come up in the right moment”

I loved the reference to “ignorance” because it’s an purely emotional expression and describes the feeling to the usual corporate one way distribution channels so well.

“Email is not good enough for all this. We have to find ways to unleash global know-how to improve locally.”

Rest assured…this reference was not made towards an internal social network. It was referencing socially inspired business IT that is interwoven with core business processes. That’s exactly where I see the future of work going…and I loved to hear that not only the evangelists for the subjects see it this way.

Unleash 24h productivity by seamlessly connecting 8h shifts.

That was probably the most radical statement and I love the meaning of it. If you are able to connect your organization in a way that across all time zones people can seamlessly work together and contribute to the joint goal you have a 24h information and knowledge work bench. Assuming that each individual can contribute with reasonable effort and within acceptable work hours…why not?


I am still blown away by this experience and I am honored to be part of this endeavor…

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