Like a #magnet; very nice metaphor for a strategic #enterprise20 #framework; #e20 #socialbusiness #socbiz

Summary: I suppose most of us have been confronted with the question why a transformation needs the ‘big picture’ – the strategic framework. During one of my recent workshops a client of mine drew the picture of a magnet on a flip chart and it’s probably the nicest metaphor that I’ve seen so far for the subject.

This post actually doesn’t need many words beyond some context.

Most companies don’t just have one single IT project in the pipeline. Depending on the source of business there can be hell of a lot of things going on – all in parallel: ERP, productivity infrastructure, CRM, Unified Communications, collaboration, intranet etc.

Now…Stephen R. Covey already told us to always ‘have the big picture in mind’ while walking along a roadmap ‘doing first things first’. Walking towards one common goal needs guidance. That guidance could be a (magnetic) pole that helps to adjust the direction of all moving initiatives. Like we would orientate towards the North Pole with a compass. That North Pole is represented by the strategic framework or transformation program that helps to align everything so it will fall together in one place eventually.

I love it…


(The credit for the foundation of this drawing really goes to my client…)

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