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My network has shared this multiple times and I have to admit that I really like the content of this very brief elaboration on the current state of “social at work”

My take on this:

The pulse of social at work (ref. to slide 3)

I see a direct connection between the graph on slide 3 and one of the exhibits in MGI’s report on social business. I suggest that MGI’s result is reflecting the 2nd phase (bottom of the blue curve) in Appirio’s graph.

Social business processes? (ref. to slide 8)

With regards to the budgetary situation and plans in organisations I am asking myself if social business is really about “making business processes more social”? I still believe that social mechanics and dynamics will make it easier for employees to (individually or collaboratively) navigate through existing business processes. My point of view is that we have to enable pople with shared goals (KPIs) to be successful. Business IT – the tool box for employees – has to turn into real (like REAL) support to overcome the day-to-day work challenges.

Social tools vs. socialised Business IT (ref. to slide 9)

I don’t think that companies need social tools – they need social mechanics for communication and information logistics in ALL business applications. E-mail is dead but the way back to a useful and manageable inbox is not the order from above but the enablement for people to navigate through the day with certainty that they will get hold of everything urgent and important.

Don’t try to swallow an elephant (ref. to slide 14)

Yes, corporate and work culture require substantial change. However, if we make this a prerequisite for the success of socialised business IT we will be waiting much longer than we have to. Let’s take baby steps that nudge change into the right direction. Culture will never be changed – it will change by itself and needs a catalyst to change in the right direction and with the right speed.

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