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Attending a conference in Berlin I was part of a discussion that quite frequently comes up in the context of a social media inspired workplace: ‘How much e-mail volume will we be able to avoid if we succeed in re-channeling some messages to other (social) channels?’ One participant however, raised the even more relevant question: ‘How can we ensure that people don’t get lost in figuring out on which way the expected or desired piece of information will find them?’.

I still remember the announcement and then the related work order of a larger IT player that intended to encourage (or shall I say force) its employees to use social channels instead of e-mail to distribute internal information. How far that company has succeeded with this endeavor I actually don’t know.

Even though I can understand that a clean cut seems to be a promising way to execute this transition I am not entirely sure that it will be very much appreciated by the individuals. Radical change isn’t favored by a lot of people. Whenever the ‘Big Bang’ is mentioned people tend to twitch…

Getting used to the new way bit by bit

On multiple occasions I have elaborated…

Read more in my post on our corporate blog:

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