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I've posted some thoughts on talent management in the context of social business on our corporate blog today:

In December 2011 a long time Yahoo! employee published the article ’Top Ten Reasons Why Large Companies Fail To Keep Their Best Talent’ in the online edition of Forbes magazine ( It has made me think on how social business infused work culture and the respective elements can support (or even boost) a talent management initiative.
First of all everyone involved in such an endeavor have to understand: talent is in charge of actually executing a lot of the parts that such a program consists of. Leaders and managers can lay the foundation and create the right environment. However, if talent is considered to be characterized as
  • creative
  • self driven
  • motivated beyond salary
  • skilled above average
then it’s just a logical consequence that they have to carry the torch and light their way in a very active role.

Eric Jackson is referring to multiple flaws that make it hard for corporations to manage talent the right way. One essential factor is the need to spark passion within high performers and talent for what they do… My take on it: Passion needs an audience.

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