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Inspired by a book about 'Thinking Tools for Superior Performer' (Wohland & Wiemeyer, 2007) I realized that social business or better socially inspired services for information work compensate for one of the major shortfalls in information management: the split of data and communication. Data by itself (e.g. reports, presentations, minutes) mainly represents just the core of things. The facts of e.g. an analysis. Only by distributing or presenting it with/in context data turns into information. The more sustainable this distribution is or better: the more transparent the history and development of the information is, the better consumers (information/knowledge workers) can judge its quality and/relevance. 


In too many organizations data and communication are merged only temporarily. If a file is sent out by email data becomes information to its recipients. For everyone else the connection isn't made. For everyone joining the conversation later the history of building up the information is lost as well (assuming that newbies to e.g. a project won't be tortured with all email strings so far). 

Socially inspired services (e.g. social project management service) will be able to compensate for this shortfall (1). Communication and data are kept together in one place. Information and context stays available to everyone using the service. Joiners will have access to how the current status and quality of information was developed by the group.

This would be a major leap towards building a corporate DNA straight from the business operations. Information wouldn't have to be manually stored or saved – it would flow straight from the people with common goals (the project team) to the ones which might have either a stake or severe interest in results or learnings.

(1) pls refer to one of the latest Michael Fauscette posts here http://bit.ly/n9MO0q and my article on sozialized business software here http://blogs.tieto.com/futureoffice/2011/09/23/investigating-current-social-business-scenarios
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